Cursed World, a comic

Well, Its time for what could be concidered a “big reveal” if anyone other then the people I routinly talked to browsed this site. I’m making a comic. I’ve got a Splash Page, which shows the title name (Cursed World) and the chapter name (Diary of the Recently Deceased) and shows some stuff. I’ve also got a page done, but that comes later.

Don’t expect me to update every day. Tomorrow I update it with the first page, but intill then nothing happens intill I have a better internet conection so I can get the sprites when needed.

Also, due to my fucking useless computer fucking freezing on me, even when I’m back home don’t expect an update, because something important I was working on got utterly deleated because of the aforementioned fucking freezing because my computer’s cooling fan is fucking broke because my fucking mother bought me a fucking cheap laptop, and she’s to fucking cheap to buy me a fucking new one.

Below is the Splash Page. Enjoy.

Splash Page



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