Some Information

First off, some information about the site you are now visiting.

1: If the header above doesn’t give it away, this is a blog. Mine. Hello their visiter. Isn’t it fun being here? No? Well, thats because I haven’t put anything up yet, be patient. And thats basicly the golden rule of this site. Be patient. Sometimes I go insane with the stuff to do, and sometimes I don’t. I’ll get to you, I don’t rush.

2: Except the unexpected. I live by the Assassin’s Creed, “Nothing is true, everything is permited”. As such, be carefull.

And now, lets talk about myself. For those of you who aren’t in my Iner Circle that are reading this. I’m a 17 year old Canadian women who, one day while talking with a friend by the name of Phandiw, bonked her head and decided to blog it up. My name would happen to be Ayane Zodiac. Don’t bother looking it up, we are unlisted. I’m not single, leave me alone damnit.

And finally, Despite My Name I’m Not French.


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2 Responses to “Some Information”

  1. Pinko Says:

    Assassin’s Creed? Pshaw, Discordians have been using that for millenia.

    Part of it. Not everything is permitted, you crazy son of a silly person!!! D: Everyone’s just got Good and Evil mixed up. Good and Evil can’t exist!!

    Read the Principia.

    Hail Eris.

    (Hurray for Ubercharged)

  2. lazodiac Says:

    Hurray for Ubercharged indeed.

    Also, I’d gladly read it if I knew it exisited. Thats what happens when you get all your info from video games I guess.

    Also, sorry about the whole comment approval thing. I’m knew to this, as if that wasn’t obvious.

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