Flight of Fancy, a project

First things first, lets talk about a little pet project of mine. I call it Flight of Fancy, a shooter made in Multimedia Fusion 2 which I’ll probably be uploading to Newgrounds when its finished. To set it apart from other shooters, I’ve made it so that the screen doesn’t scroll. You push the screen foreward by moving foreward. I’ve also decided that there will be no sound effects, as this game effectivly takes place in space.

As of right now, I haven’t got much done. The first mission, information screen involving the mission, and that missions boss. I’ve also got the second mission’s info screen done. And some music for Mission 1. And programed everything. Anyway, the point of this article is this. To introduce you into my project, and to warn you. The upcoming post will be a log of sorts.

This log is, infact, an MSN Chat I had with Phandiw, a good buddy of mine. What you will read may horrify you. Or intrigue. Hopefully, amuse you. Its me discussing some of the finer points of the Flight of Fancy world.

For those interested, it contains spoilers.


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